Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Masters Championships? Please email us at This FAQ document will be updated a regular basis – please check back for the most up-to-date information and answers to common tournament questions.

 Last updated: Monday, August 20, 2018


  • The Organizing Committee would like to request that you please contact your hotel and get confirmation of the numbers of rooms/type of rooms you have. We want to avoid surprises where teams thought they were sleeping 4 and they get a king bedroom.
  • Backup option across the Hamilton Princess: The Rosedon hotel has offered a group special discounted rate of $349 per night for Run of the House (sleeps 4 people in 2 beds). The rate will include afternoon tea, Tuesday evening Swizzle Party, transportation to a South Shore Beach and Wi-Fi. (Tax of 11.75% and Service Charge of 10% will be additional – totals about $100 per night).

PCC Main Rink (Pembroke Community Center PCC, 5 North Shore Road):

  • There is a large building we will use for changing before and after the games. This building is not divided into sections but is one large room.  We will provide seating areas for changing.
  • We will also offer team tents that each team can use before and after the games for about 20 minutes.
  • All of your equipment will need to stay with you during the day, taken to the bench and secured by your team and managers.
  • We do not have facilities for locking up valuables.
  • There will be washrooms and port-o-potties available at the rink. There are no showers at the rink, but there are 2 beaches within steps of the rink.  Bring towels and sunscreen.
  • We will try to cover a lot of the player and spectator areas with tents to help with the heat.

 2nd rink/facility (located in Dockyard):

  • Bermuda only has one rink in the country. In order to guarantee games if there is a lot of rain, we had to build a 2nd facility within a covered structure. Dimensions will be approximately 110 by 65 feet, and we’ll play 4 on 4, instead of 5 on 5.
  • This was the largest facility that we could find on the island that is indoors and would allow hockey sticks on the floor.
  • One benefit is that there is some limited air conditioning in the building. It is expected to be hot and humid that week. (
  • Teams will only have to play one game at this rink, unless there are big weather challenges throughout the week.
  • Rules will be shared from ISBHF soon.

Total transportation cost for games:

  • We are currently estimating the total transport costs to be approximately $80 USD per player/coach/staff, for the duration of the tournament.
  • Shuttles from Hamilton to PCC (main rink): For teams staying at in Hamilton area (Hamilton Princess or other hotel in the area) and want to take the shuttle to the rink. Cost: $70.00.
  • We have booked shuttles that will run between the rink and the Hamilton Princess, from Tuesday afternoon to Sunday. We estimate this cost to be about $70.
  • If the costs are less than $70 per person then we will refund money to the teams on a pro rata basis.
  • Fans and family members will be charged a flat shuttle fee of $50 each.
  • Kids under 12 will be free of charge for the shuttle.
  • Similarly to players, this excludes the ferry rides which will be an additional $5 for each way on the ferry.
  • We are requesting that teams send one request for all of the persons who want to buy the shuttle services. Due to expensive wire charges, we request just one wire transfer from each team with a list of the number of players and fans included in the purchase.  A list of players/staff/families eligible for the service along with the according fee payment ($70/$50) has to be provided prior to use of the service.

Ferry from Hamilton or St Georges to Dockyard:

  • Cost is $5 each way for the ferry – total $10 round trip (tickets need to be purchased at the ferry terminal).
  • Every team will play st 1 game at the 2nd venue.
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT If there is bad weather – (e.g.full day of rain) additional games will be added to the Dockyard Rink, the additional cost via ferry or bus is $5.00 each way. That cost will be the player’s responsibility.

Transport from and to airport:

  • Few teams have pre-booked shuttles for airport transfers. There will be a lot of taxis waiting at the airport, with an estimated cost coming to town of $50-60 for 5 people.

Transport around the island:

  • For teams staying in Hamilton, you will be able to walk to all the restaurants and shops. You can rent scooters, or 2-person electric vehicles (Twizzys).

Game schedule:

Final times will be released soon

  • GM/Coach meeting on Tuesday afternoon – mandatory presence from each team.
  • Game format: 3 x 12 mins period, with a few minutes in between. Short warm up, short player of the game presentation and national anthem.

Opening and closing ceremonies:

  • The sponsorship committee was able to secure both an opening and closing ceremony for all teams, where drinks and light food will be served. More details to come.

Outreach program to Bermuda kids:

  • We are trying to get visiting team players to go to a few schools and talk about hockey – a little demonstration wearing your team shirts. If your organization would like to get involved, please let us know. The Bermudian community would be very thankful!

Video streaming:

  • Royal Gazette, the local newspaper, will have the main rink games streamed online for everyone to watch at


  • We will start posting major updates on this website in the Newsroom section.

Online store:

  • The Masters Championships online store can be found here:
  • Teams have the opportunity to customize individual gear, place bulk orders, etc.
  • Can be shipped to USA and Canada addresses.